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Minute Maid Park

Bag Check

In compliance with MLB and Astros security policies, all bags, purses and containers will be searched prior to entry. Guests entering Minute Maid Park may be subject to inspection by handheld and walk through metal detectors, as well as other protocols deemed by security staff members. There are no lockers available outside of the ballpark to secure items not allowed inside, nor can any items be held by security staff members.

Items that are not permitted in the ballpark and are surrendered to security will not be stored or returned. To ensure fan safety, the Houston Astros reserve the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous, suspicious or offensive. Fans are reminded that the following items will not be permitted inside Minute Maid Park:

• Aerosol cans

• Alcohol

• Animals (except for service animals)

• Bags larger than 16" x 16" x 8"

• Banners or signs larger than 3' x 2' (Banners must be baseball-related and support teams and players, so long as they are in good taste. The Astros do not permit signs, posters or banners which are obscene, slanderous or in bad taste. No items are permitted to be affixed to signs and no signs may be affixed to the ballpark)

• Beverages & containers other than factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 liter or less

• Cameras with lenses larger than 8 inches

• Clothing deemed obscene or indecent

• Coolers of any kind

• Costume masks

• Drones

• Fireworks

• Folding chairs

• Food in a portion larger than a clear, one-gallon size bag

• Hover boards and other personal recreational devices

• Inflatables (i.e. beach balls, basketballs, balloons)

• Illegal drugs

• Laser pointers

• Luggage

• Noise makers (whistles, horns, bells, etc.)

• Poles or sticks of any kind (i.e. flagpoles, broom handles, nets)

• Skateboards, roller skates, roller shoes, bicycles, wagons for children

• Tripods, bipods or monopods

• Weapons - including but not limited to firearms, knives, mace

• Any item deemed inappropriate or hazardous by ballpark security